BUYSELLRAM, Inc. Streamlines the Testing Process as Every Shipment Now Only Takes 1-2 Business Days to Process and Send Out Payment

October 10 23:20 2018
BUYSELLRAM, Inc. has streamlined the testing process, making it very easy to sell used memory, CPUs, and other E-Scrap to their company.

Orlando, FL BUYSELLRAM, Inc. has streamlined the testing process, making it very easy to sell used memory, CPUs, and other E-Scrap to their company. While the time frame still remains the same, the testing equipment has been upgraded so that it works much more efficiently in a shorter period of time. The testing equipment can run more tests with high levels of accuracy on all items.

BUYSELLRAM, Inc. is an international merchant, trading in computer memory, phone memory, phone accessories, and many more. They are a business-to-business company that deals in the buying, recycling, and selling of memory internationally. Their clients include local businesses, medium-sized companies, large corporations, organizations, and government agencies.

It all starts with buying all types of server memory, processors, hard drives, HBA cards, smartphones, laptops, servers, and test equipment. Individuals from all over the world with these devices simply fill out a simple form on their website and then submit it to notify the company of their memory. This is proceeded with shipping the memory. BuySellRam, Inc. buys all used-memory shipped by individuals, groups, and businesses.

In order to make it very easy for individuals to ship stocks to them, they have streamlined the testing process which usually takes time. This time around, all stocks sent to them will be tested and verified with the upgraded testing equipment of their company. Once the testing process is done, they will notify the sender and make payments up front for the materials.

“We buy all memory brands, all memory types, and all conditions. We also buy CPU in many brands and conditions. What kind of memory and CPU does BUYSELLRAM, Inc. buy and sell? In short, we buy and sell RAM and CPU of all brands and all types. From 1gb memory to 32gb memory, from desktop and laptop RAM to server RAM, from Samsung memory modules to HP memory modules,” says Yi Pan, the spokesperson for the company. “We take it all! Sell RAM, Random Access Memory to!”

BUYSELLRAM, Inc. has an international alliance with recycling companies who go on to recycle the memory and make them available for the market again. They buy used computer RAM and buy CPU for cash. Quotes for stocks are sent upon filling out the form. All payments for items sent to their company are done within one business day of the stocks arrival at their company. That means sellers can get cash very quick for selling their memory to BUYSELLRAM, Inc.

BUYSELLRAM, Inc. is located at 3208 East Colonial Dr. Ste 137, Orlando, FL 32803. Contact them via phone at 321-972-6633, or via email at [email protected] For additional information, visit their website at

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