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October 10 23:25 2018

When aiming to travel or secure a travel visa, there are some seemingly irrelevant steps which could hinder the overall success of the process. One of such minute, yet important aspects of travel processing or visa application is a well-taken photograph. Taking into consideration that there are specific guidelines for taking such photos as this, Tomamor Photo & Travel is well positioned to handle such needs at the convenience of their clients.

The spokesperson for the best online passport and VISA photo service provider, Tomamor Photo & Travel, while describing their company and the services offered said, “Tomamor Photo & Travel provides the best online passport and VISA photos. Forget about bad passport photos, just send them your photo and they will take care of the rest. TSA agents will be awestruck at your amazing photo.”

Tomamor Photo & Travel has a team of photo editing experts who have years of experience in retouching and fine-tuning photos to meet specific travel agency demands. At Tomamor Photo & Travel, the team of professionals understand the time-sensitive nature of travel and Visa processing, and as such, offers a fast and reliable service at affordable rates.

Having helped several hundreds of individuals with their emergency travel passport needs, Tomamor Photo & Travel encourages their clients to take as many photos as they can in order to ensure that they get the best services. To enjoy the affordable online passport and VISA photo services offered by Tomamor Photo & Travel, clients are required to adhere to some rules which will ensure that their requests are treated as urgently as possible.

Tomamor Photo & Travel encourages clients to send in photos they like which were taken in line with passport requirements, which means clients can use any type of quality camera including phone cameras to take pictures which portray their faces and bodies in the forward facing direction. For a great quality photo, clients are warned against the use of glasses, and also to maintain a good brightness and avoid sun reflection on the face and hair.

To ensure that photos meet requirements for processing, photos to be sent in should not feature toothy smiles or glasses, neither should the client’s face be covered by hair or any clothing material. In addition, it is recommended that clients avoid sending photos wherein they have twisted bodies, invisible necks, flying hair, light reflection on their face or hair, hair color that matches the background, and ultimately low-resolution photos. Tomamor Photo & Travel offers a fast and reliable service which allows clients to pick up their photos the next day.

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