Will Singapore Real Estate Price Drop?

October 10 23:30 2018

Jade Scape Condo
Singapore Real Estate Is Rated As Fair Valued By UBS

I was having a conversation just a few days back with a lady who is looking to buy a landed house to accommodate her parents and her sister’s family, and I can see pessimism looming on her face when we were discussing about the current situation of the property market in Singapore, and the future of it if she is to buy one now. By and large, we can understand why many would-be property buyers has this concern on property prices falling after they made their purchase, but this overly worried mentality has clouded their ability to take a step back and look at the macro view on Singapore.

Most buyers belong to the mid to older generation, which can be categorised from mid 30s onwards, and these generations have witnessed the exponential growth of property prices in Singapore, and continued to hold on to the notion that real estate should and will continue to give them the “devine” capital appreciation perpetually. They have failed to see that with the advanced in information technology, growing affluences in society and awareness of real estate investment, more and more people are dabbling in real estate, and hence, gone are the days where one can purchase a property and sell it away for a handsome profit within a short period of time. Many buyers are still stuck in that era, and find it hard to stomach the current price of real estate in Singapore.

Amidst all the negativity surrounding the new cooling measures implemented by the government on 5th July 2018, many people failed to see the stability that Singapore has to offer in terms of geographical location, safe and stable politics, open and stable economy and also land scarcity. When people look at Singapore, they will usually compare it with Hong Kong due to similarity that both countries share, but many fail to see (or they chose to be blinded) that Singapore is trailing way behind Hong Kong in the property price where we can find the world most expensive real estate. Shrewd investors see the potential Singapore has, and know that Singapore’s real estate is undervalued and are quietly buying in. With that, buyers and investors alike should really consider Jade Scape condo in Shunfu, whereby location is fantastic, huge potential for growth and has a beautiful environment to couple with it.

Jade Scape is located 200m away from Marymount MRT and Jade Scape floor plan consists of 1 to 5 bedroom units. This project has a total of 1206 units in total, with 7 blocks of blocks of towers, 21 to 23 storeys high. The architect is the renowned Paul Noritaka of Tange Associate, and we can be assured that Jade Scape Condo floor plan is one that harmonised efficiency and practicality. Jade Scape layout has been meticulously planned to ensure that this project offers something that most condo can’t offer, and this is precisely the reason why it attracted more than 9000 people to visit the show gallery on the first weekend of launch.

For more information visit: https://www.jadescape-marymount.com/

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