Victorieum, the Fintech ‘Outlaw’ cryptocurrency aims to find a common ground between crypto and fiat currencies

October 10 23:50 2018

Victorieum is finally here to ease up the blockchain world with its disruptive platform solution. The platform has one major objective i.e., acting as the ‘middle-ground’ between heavy regulations imposed by the governments & institutions, and blooming cryptocurrency projects and crypto-investors. As the number of cryptocurrencies & blockchain projects is rising, the hold of crypto against fiat for online transactions & privacy is gaining momentum. This fact has lead many banking institutions & nations to enforce strict measures, including complete bans, on non-fiat currencies.

Though, Victorieum is determined to disrupt the industry with its unique ‘Off-shore Full-Service Crypto Banking System.’ Through the Victorieum platform, transparent investors will be able to make crypto investments, crypto-trading, and crypto-based transactions regardless of the legal status within the investor’s local region. The platform’s operational channels will be free from any external influence, and it will act as a self-sustaining Crypto Fintech Ecosystem.

With technological integrations from platforms like TrezorTM and CivicTM, Victorieum users will be able to indulge in Non-repudiable transactions involving various currencies with top-notch security. Apart from featuring a full-fledged crypto exchange, the Victorieum platform will also allow users to open off-shore bank accounts, apply for crypto-backed loans, current accounts, transfers, and so on. Victorieum will feature a high throughput algorithm to enable high-speed transactions and handle millions of transactions per second.

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