Thanksgiving Day is coming, One&Two Media launched overseas media marketing service promotions

November 13 22:45 2018

Human beings are great because of gratitude, the world is beautiful because of gratitude, gratitude is the continuation of love, love is the energy of life; November 22, 2018 is the annual Thanksgiving Day, as always, to support our customers, Sichuan One&Two Image Culture Communication Co., Ltd (abbreviation: One&Two media) specially launched the Thanksgiving package, which has various contents and rich forms, including special hot red book, friend circle advertisement, microblog hot search list, microblog topic list, etc., promoted in place, first-class service.

Grateful, the price is reduced. This promotion is very powerful and involves a wide range of activities. At the same time, this event uses novel promotion methods to promote themselves with creative pictures as a medium to prove their strength as a media company and also to bring visual enjoyment to customers. As we all know, One&Two media soft writing is of a high level, and the news is not inconspicuous in combination with the actual situation, and it always makes people shine. Its promotion of the brand is easier to open up the popularity, and is sought after by the company. In addition to the textual description, the One&Two media article also integrates the promotional features of SNS social media: Articles can bring youtube videos, several photos, facebook links, twitter links, AliExpress shop links, Amazon store connections and more.

In other words, One&Two media is not just a bunch of persuasive news articles, but a combination of social network (SNS) marketing, video marketing, photo display, and so on. The intensity of comprehensive promotion is far from comparable to any other media. At the same time, One&Two media’s foreign cooperation media include the US Boston Daily, Wall Street News Network, US NBC12 News Network, US News Enterprise News and hundreds of North American, European and Australian news media websites. At the same time, it also provides the world’s famous website publishing services such as Nasdaq official website, Reuters, Yahoo News, Bloomberg, etc., covering more than 3 billion Internet users worldwide. During the Thanksgiving period, One&Two media will offer discounted prices, and will also offer package discounts to meet the needs of new and existing customers. One&Two media adheres to the principle that “customers are the principle of God”. All customers meet the needs of customers, meet the needs of customers, let customers open their own popularity, get a large number of potential users, and also promote themselves.

In addition to soft text promotion and news promotion, One&Two media also provides various services such as video shooting and micro-film publicity shooting. One&Two media not only has advanced video shooting equipment, but also closely matches the current trend. It also has a professional video shooting team. The video clips are beautifully designed to fit the needs of the audience.

At the same time, in the Thanksgiving season, One&Two media also provides the outdoor advertising package for the Nasdaq big screen and Reuters screen of the New York Times Square, which is the core of the world’s attention and is known as the “world crossroads” where wealth and culture meet. Service, allowing advertisers to show their brand influence to the world, achieve better promotion with less investment, enhance product sales, open brand awareness, improve product reputation, penetrate the cultural essence of the company, and thus give Impressions that people can’t ignore.

It is reported that in addition to the above preferential items, One&Two media also conducts a series of preferential activities for active self-media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, WeChat, Weibo Hot Search, and Topic List. In such a grounded propaganda brand, it has certain innovation. It also caters to the trend of the majority of corporate users. In the promotion of songs and music storage, as long as the customer needs, One&Two media will also put the songs on KTV all over the country, improve the singer of the songs, and increase the popularity of the singers and songs, thus becoming a classic of the population. One&Two media’s network-wide marketing network fully opens up the product market, increases product exposure, and allows products to penetrate the hearts of the people and form brand effectiveness.

One&Two media Thanksgiving Day is a rare opportunity for customers with needs to seize the opportunity to patronize and let them have a good value for money promotion. I also believe that One&Two media will be presented in the form of more promotion in front of advertisers, allowing more advertisers to Domestically, you will be able to exude the charm of the brand from the inside out!

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