When a Company Needs to Switch to a Better Switch Small Tree Has a Solution

November 15 22:30 2018

The term “sharing of files” reminds a certain generation of solutions such as music sharing services. It might evoke memories of dropping documents or folders at the desk of a colleague to yet another generation. However, information in today’s digital workplaces moves around in different ways. For example, the use of email attachments, flash drives, and file folders are some of the ways to move data, but they’re outdated and carry several limitations. Fortunately, sharing of files through the cloud has overcome these limitations and has come with a range of new benefits.

Increased Collaboration

With the increased availability of information, office teams can now work more efficiency than before. The reach of email attachments and files that exist on papers is limited, and their access often seems bottlenecked. However, cloud file sharing platforms such as the ones offered by Small Tree democratize files and folders and make them more accessible to anyone that needs them.


The use of unprotected flash drives to share data can leave sensitive information lying around and exposed to unwanted people. However, websites such as https://www.small-tree.com/ offers solutions that users can use to safeguard their information online and offline. It also comes with a range of user permission options that ensure only authorized persons can edit, download, or share sensitive files and folders.

Bolster Accessibility

Since digital sharing platforms are available in the cloud, workers can access any document wherever they are. Remote workers can use their laptop apps to sync their critical files to the cloud to allow them to obtain any information using their web browser even when they are miles away from their office. Other cloud file sharing platforms let users connect and view their folders using mobile devices. The cloud sharing platform is the easiest way for remote workers to access information from anywhere.

Costs Reduction

Consolidation of file sharing and storage methods to a single cloud environment with a 10gbe switch can reduce costs significantly. With the cloud, no server upkeep costs, flash drive orders, and square footage dedicated to file storage are needed to facilitate a change. The cost of moving files can be a single invoice depending on the amount of space consumed, file sharing platform, and the number of its users.

Provide Business Continuity

File sharing is an essential component of a disaster recovery team, which should be part of any IT efforts. Cloud-based storage solutions can back up sensitive data in electronic data centers that are safe from elements such as crashed hard drives, power outages, and external factors. Cloud-storage solutions that support versioning may even protect critical data from editing mistakes and accidental deletions.

Save Time

Bottom line, moving files and documents more efficiently across departments can help save a lot of time. Of course, no one wants to keep sifting through piles of electronic media and physical paper to retrieve any information. However, the cloud offers searching and organizational tools that let workers access any info right from their desk. Implement enterprise file sharing platforms today, and you will be surprised how it will smoothen the way your teams access and share information.

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