Roberto Hroval Confirms BHRI Institute Will Be Part of PatentReal Corporation

November 15 22:50 2018

“As we are constantly working on some truly challenging science projects, we find the need of an advanced and well-established research and development unit,” says Roberto Hroval, the founder and CEO of PatentReal Corporation.
Roberto Hroval announces that Biophysical Human Research Institute (BHRI) will merge with PatentReal Corporation.

Roberto Hroval, founder of BHRI Institute (Biophysical Human Research Institute) has announced that the Institute has become a research and development unit of PatentReal Corporation, also founded by him. By changing name into PRC Institute, BHRI will retain the status of a non-profit organization and will continue to work on the kind of projects it is currently associated with. The only change is that these projects will be undertaken exclusively for PatentReal Corporation.

“As we are constantly working on some truly challenging science projects, we find the need of an advanced and well-established research and development unit,” says Roberto Hroval, the founder and CEO of PatentReal Corporation. “Our needs will also be served better by associating with an organization that can help raise awareness of our complimentary healthcare services, wellbeing services and other PatentReal Corporation´s non-profit and social projects. By merging BHRI with PatentReal Corp. we can achieve all our objectives with a greater level of efficiency and competence.”

The legal transformation of BHRI Institute into the PatentReal Corporation (PRC) Institute is a logical and practical move as both were founded by Roberto Hroval.

BHRI was established ten years ago in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During that period, the Institute was involved in the commercial production and also carried out crucial and exclusive researches on various aspects.

A key achievement of BHRI was development of the unique mood-generating appliance, called Scent Generator. The machinery was developed using a special mixture of natural ethereal oil, the driving force of the technology. The project was a runaway success with the Institute getting flooded with orders for the Scent Generator even without promoting it.

BHRI is also the force behind a number of comprehensive researches and studies, especially the ones about effects of natural substances in essential oils on the various physical, psychiatric and socio-psychological problems. These studies were conducted on a number of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson´s, Huntington´s disease, Down syndrome and other similar conditions. 

Roberto Hroval opines that PatentReal Corp. has been at the forefront of developing some extremely intricate and challenging projects. These include the modern transportation system designed in the form of flying saucer FCX-01 and a special mobile unit for mind and body rejuvenation Asclepius8.

According to the CEO, after the merger, PRC Institute will focus on spending all their resources exclusively on these kinds of projects.

PRC Institute which is an institute for Research and Development of Life Sciences and Green Innovations has four departments namely, Science, Research, Innovations and Education.

Hroval has assured that the Institute is fully capable of producing the most demanding industrial designs. They have launched a Strategic Planning Department that can provide high quality support for application on costumer projects. The Institute also has their own team of patent agents, fully trained to assist in the process of intellectual property. PRC is ready to launch any idea globally with the help of their fully trained and capable sales agents.

Further, PRC Institute will also focus on technologies that characterize practical and evolutionary progress for mankind or help people achieve a faster personal growth and development on various fronts.

The Institute is ready to provide comprehensive support for new and innovative projects aimed at enhancing the progress and growth of families and individuals looking for such support and assistance.

“PRC Institute is not just an academic and theoretical institution,” adds Hroval. “We are all about developing practical products and applications so people all around the world can benefit from our findings.”

The CEO has expressly stated that PRC Institute doesn’t support development of new weapons or devices aimed at improving military techniques or equipment, nor do they back any advancement in the military use of energies or psychological technologies for the purpose of subjection in any form.

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