Enect Energy Informatics Networks Integrates Energy Info into Blockchains Technology

November 20 00:05 2018
ENECT, striving to connect, share, and clean the future by integrating energy info into the blockchain.

ENECT is proud to announce that they are now integrating energy info into blockchains. The platform strives to employ an efficient and optimized way through management system or smart operation based on energy informatics, integrated and shared energy info. Therefore, it allows the most effective sequence of smart energy infrastructures which result in energy use, management and production.

Just recently, ENECT made an agreement along with the most prominent Big Data platform firm in China, Mobdata. The platform covers over 95% of China’s mobile handset data, analyzing and measuring data with over 1 billion independent devices every month. The latest agreement will aid the organization to establish optimized algorithms via data analysis through gathering information measured from different energy sources in the future.

According to enect, a growing brand in Korea, “If energy information can maximize energy production and consumption efficiency based on transparent and reliable energy information, eco-friendly structures can be implemented by reducing the cost of energy sources.” The goal of the company is to develop an eco-friendly environment which will boost low-carbon green growth. To accomplish that goal, this accumulating and measuring energy plays a vital role. That’s where Mobdata comes because the platform sets the groundwork for realization not just in Korea, but in China as well.

On 15th, ENECT joined forces with Macau’s CEP (China Environmental Protection) – a Macau subsidiary of the state-run energy protection firm. They made a promising proposal for joint growth in energy efficiency services, along with new energy environmental and development protection in the official partnership with ENECT.

Sean Kim, chairman of Enect, said that the proposed energy efficiency blockchain technology is applied to Macau’s mid-sized hotels, big data related to hotel operation, and integrated thermal energy information ecosystem technology.

This only indicates that the agreement along with CEP as well as the development of new industrial through the information technology of Enect is flourishing with the mutual cooperation of the company. As the project progresses, it only indicates that the environmental market in China is thriving.

The Future of Enect Blockchain Technology

But it doesn’t end there because Enect CEO Sean Kim and CEO of Colin Star also shake hands for a contract. “Because we have blockchain – based energy information collection efficiency and energy information trading systems and management platforms, we have a strong business model,” said CEO Collinstar Capital for this investment.

We believe this connection is a good result of the potential and technological capabilities of the block-based business structure,” said CEO Sean Kim of Enect.

The enect block chain was listed on ‘cashierest’ for the first time on Nov. 15 and subsequently on November 20th in the ‘dobitrade’ in Taiwan.

About ENECT:

Enect Blockchain Technology plans to adopt a series of business through the operation and integration of big data collected via enbox. With the app, like enmedia, enreport, enmarket and more, the platform deals between energy consumers and energy producers and compensation is presented to transactions among them.

To know more information about ENECT, email them at [email protected] or visit their website at http://www.enect.io.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/pyrUc_fW4c8

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