New IndieGoGo Campaign Aims to Give IT to the World

November 20 00:10 2018
World Wide Developers is a cooperative of IT pros aiming to share technology with organizations in an effort to help them share ideas and grow communities.

Many nonprofits struggle with growth and promotion merely due to a lack of IT infrastructure, but the team at World Wide Developers aims to reach out to some of these organizations with a new initiative called Give IT to the World.

The new initiative has just launched on IndieGoGo with a mission of helping up to 30 nonprofits with IT and promotion stagnancy. According to the IT experts at World Wide Developers, this mission will help nonprofits share ideas and pass along goodness into their communities.

As part of the Give IT to the World campaign, a number of services will be offered. Some of these high-profile IT services include a fast and scalable VPS server; 24/7 uptime monitoring; IT support and care; security and prevention; web design and development; graphic design and guidance; and technical workshops.

“We started this campaign to gain the initial budget, so we don’t have to worry about funds from the very beginning,” said the team at World Wide Developers. “We will be able to focus on organizations, their needs, and the best support we can provide.”

World Wide Developers recognizes that many nonprofits have outdated technologies in place and lack the funding to roll out new infrastructure. Most nonprofits don’t have skilled staff in place to assist with in-house tech needs, and many nonprofits aren’t aware of the possibilities that open up with new tech in place.

Through the Give IT to the World campaign, World Wide Developers looks to raise $35,000. Backers will receive exclusive perks such as website testing, tote bags, business cards, personal website design, and more.

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