Artist Cynde Feas Reaches Success Worldwide

November 20 00:15 2018
The talented music artist Cynde Feas is ready to take the world by storm with his striking tracks.

With more than a decade of experience working with creating his own music, Cynde Feas, previously known as and0rod was able to reach success worldwide. Feas was delighted to announce that he was able to flourish after the hard work and effort he put into his music.

Cynde Feas’ life to music started at the age of 17 where he started to produce his music. At that time, he only used the old internet on with the help of a dated web search provider, however, couldn’t track early tracks which were essentially experimental ‘soundsculptures.’ When he was 18, he was able to release an obscure comp album through his old artist name “and0rod,” which feature a song titled “Piss House.”

Feas admitted that he was only good at producing when it comes to using track recorders when he was a bit older on an iPhone or iPad. However, he was the kind of person who is ambitious enough to make his dreams real. He made a number of tracks, but he didn’t want using iOS because it’s quite cheap to get apps and anyone can do it. What he wanted is to have a proper studio where he can create his unique sounds and music.

Last 2015, Cynde bought Ableton and different synths as well as a drum machine, wherein he made wonderful stuff. He devoted his time creating songs. According to him, “But to be honest with a learning curve and since then I have tried many styles and genres. I have my latest genre where I coined myself on an exclusive track, ‘Electronic Funk.’ Basically, I’m trying to do funky stuff on my synth keyboard. On recent tracks, I have used midi cables and modded my synths.”

New Tracks Available Today

Today, Cynde Feas have different songs produced and available for listeners to enjoy. Some of them can be found on SoundCloud where he created his own account. According to him, uploading his tracks on the platform will enable his fans to listen to his creations. Currently, Feas has four tracks on SoundCloud, available on the links below:

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