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November 20 00:25 2018

What is LEBEN?

The Logo of LEBEN
The Logo of LEBEN

LEBEN is a global medical industry smart contract collaboration platform featuring ‘deep sharing of medical knowledge’ and ‘trusted exchange of medical data’, and integrating medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The vision of LEBEN is ‘global medical homogenization’, which means that with the help of LEBEN, the level of medical care in areas with less developed medical conditions will be infinitely closer to those with more developed medical conditions.

The Architecture of LEBEN
The Architecture of LEBEN

What can LEBEN do?

LEBEN will change the current situation that ‘knowledge cannot be effectively shared and utilized’ in medical care industry. On LEBEN platform, any doctor or medical institution can turn their knowledge, experience or data into smart contracts and share them with others in the contract mall. Others can call these smart contracts through our devices or DApp to assist in diagnosis and treatment. The whole process is a “black box” operation. Sharers don’t have to worry about data leakage, and users do not need to download and save data.

Currently, LEBEN has implemented intelligent screening for fetal congenital heart disease in China.In an under-developed area with high incidence of fetal congenital heart disease, by connecting the LEBEN platform terminal on its B-mode ultrasound equipment, doctors can compare the local fetal ultrasonic heart images with images from the database of various hospital  around the world in real time.After a series of AI operations, the system will output the probability of congenital heart disease the fetus may suffer. The accuracy of the results is infinitely close to the screening accuracy of hospitals in well-developed areas.

Product Examples

Product Examples:

Prof. Haogang Zhu, the Chief Architect of LEBEN, said: ‘The original intention for LEBEN is to exchange the data, the computing power, as well as the knowledge so that the three resources do not have to be in one place.

Prof.. Haogang Zhu
Prof. Haogang Zhu

Professor John Fox of Oxford University (Lincoln College and latterly the Department of Engineering Science) is expected to join the LEBEN project as Chief Scientist. A number of the key concepts that are being developed by LEBEN have been jointly developed with him in past collaborations and he is committed to using advanced AI concepts for improving quality and safety of patient care on a global scale. He comments: “LEBEN will not only empower the efficient delivery of medical services in many settings and in many countries, it will also help healthcare professionals improve the quality of services they can offer to their patients. Patients will also be empowered as AI will increasingly be able to help them manage complex aspects of their care themselves”.

prof. John Fox
Prof. John Fox

Write in the End

The birth and development of LEBEN not only provide a new platform for the construction of the credit system in the medical industry, but reshape the medical knowledge acquisition & optimization methods, data exchange and sharing channels, so that every participant on the platform becomes a platform through collaboration.

Innovation and real-world practices promote the development of the global medical system rapidly, and provide more momentum for the improvement of the well-being of all humankind.

At present, LEBEN has several DApps with specific medical application scenarios, such as CHDr., StrokeDr., surgery compass and so on. Most of them are in the direction of ‘clinical assistant diagnosis and treatment’. If you want to know more about LEBEN, you can read our whitepaper here, or click here to go to the official website. We sincerely expect your questions and feedback at this stage.

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