49.8 VIP Shopkeeper Activities Go Online Globally, and UniPlaza Once Again Leads the Development of Social E-commerce

November 22 17:00 2018

As the most high-profile festival in the e-commerce industry, the annual Double 11 global shopping festival has once again ignited the online consumption boom of global shoppers. There is no doubt that this is an important part to compete the influence of the major electronic business platforms in the world. Both the processing speed of the platform and the quality of the product will affect the user experience and ultimately affect their share and position in the market.

According to data reported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the global online retail transaction volume during the period of Double 11 this year exceeded 300 billion RMB, up about 27% year on year, reaching a new record high. In addition, from November 1st to 11th, the sales of cross-border e-commerce imported goods in China exceeded 30 billion RMB, and Japan, the United States, South Korea, Australia, and Germany ranked among the top five importing countries.

Under the background of the new cross-border social e-commerce era, UniPlaza’s cross-border social e-commerce platforms greatly rewarded global shopkeepers and customers at the Double 11 International Shopping Carnival this year. It launched the special promotion activities, such as five special events of super category, special purchase only for 11.11 RMB, enjoy limited time to buy valuable goods, enjoy exquisite product discounts and fair price of 49.8 RMB for members. 

In terms of operation mode, UniPlaza takes “sharing plus socialization” as its development concept and “users plus high-quality products” as its development cornerstone. With its powerful social attributes, UniPlaza can quickly realize the efficient connection between commodities and users, thus realizing the new channel of commodity marketing.

From a technical point of view, UniPlaza uses its own ATS automatic trading system to build a backstage trading network with synchronous flow of capital flow, logistics flow and information flow, covering more than 200 countries, realizing free switching of APP in 13 languages and linking 80% of the world’s mainstream agencies, rapid trading currencies and 80% within 7 days of arrival of the goods all over the world.

From the product supply chain, UniPlaza covers hundreds of hot selling products all over the world. Wherever you need makeup, facial mask, or home textiles or household appliances, you can easily find it. UniPlaza 49.8 VIP shop keepers’ package sales are very popular, and it also proves the user’s high recognition of the quality of UniPlaza products.

In fact, UniPlaza has been a great success at this Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival! UniPlaza 49.8 VIP shop keepers’ activity has been pre-sold to global shoppers since October 25th. On October 30th, pre-sales sales exceeded 10,000, and it has achieved 100,000 sales in the whole series of activities during the period of the double 11 series of activities.

Generally speaking, UniPlaza is superior to its peers in operation mode, technical support, product quality and development momentum, and is in a trend of rapid and sustainable development. On the following November 24th, UniPlaza 49.8 VIP shopkeepers officially opened to the world, while the VIP shopkeepers’ personal care packages will also be delivered one after another.


Nowadays, with the rapid transformation and upgrading of the e-commerce industry, UniPlaza has made great efforts to innovate in the social e-commerce sector, with the slogan “no matter how small an individual is, it also has the ability to influence the world”. On November 24, the 49.8 VIP shopkeepers event will officially hit, and I believe that UniPlaza will achieve another success and break a record again!

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