Global Fetal Bovine Serum Market is projected to reach USD 1,296.1 million by 2025

November 22 18:45 2018

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Global Fetal Bovine Serum Market Overview:

Fetal bovine serum is rich in variety of proteins, maintains cultured cells in a medium in which they can grow, survive and divide. Fetal bovine is a blood collection from a bovine fetus in slaughter house. It is a product from beef industry which has wide range of uses in bio-technology, diagnostics and pharmaceutical research. Fetal bovine serum is a blood that remains after cattle fetus is centrifuged to remove RBCs and it is also a nutrient element.  It contains many growth factors allowing versatility in different cell culture applications. The fetal bovine serum has high demand in diary product industries.

Fetal Bovine Serum Market is projected to reach USD 1,296.1 million by 2025

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Global Fetal Bovine Serum Market – Drivers and Restraints:

The usage of fetal bovine serum has been increased in many research developments, driving market to grow. As it is a key factor in pharmaceutical, diagnostics and bio-technology, the fetal bovine serum market is estimated to have an increasing growth in the forecast period. The average cost of the fetal bovine serum is also a factor likely to support the growth as it depends on environmental products. The research and development activities of the products used in their applications is also accelerating the market growth. As the fetal bovine serum is completely dependent on environmental aspects, a sudden change in the climatic may impact the product, which can restrain the growth of the fetal bovine serum market.

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Global Fetal Bovine Serum Market – Geographical segmentation:

Geographically, the fetal bovine serum market is segmented as Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America is holding a highest share in the market regionally. The consumption of fetal bovine serum in North America is high, which is leading to its highest position in the shares. Europe follows the North America in terms of market. Asia Pacific region is expected to lead the growth in the forecast period as the research and development activities are raised with the product.

The end users of the fetal bovine serum are categorized into research institutes and industry. The industry end user is accelerating as the demand for the technology, pharmaceuticals and animal health industries are very high.

Key Players in Global Fetal Bovine Serum Market:

The key players in the fetal bovine serum market are TCS Biosciences Ltd., Atlanta Biologicals Inc., Rocky Mountain Biologicals, Merck KGaA, HiMedia Laboratories, PAN-Biotech, Bovogen Biologicals Pty Ltd, Tissue Culture Biologicals and GE Healthcare.

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