Author, Speaker and Teacher Radhaa Nilia announces the launch of Radhaa Publishing

December 13 18:30 2018

This was created after Radhaa’s first two books Quan Yin The Goddess Code Activations Healing Workbook and The Galactic Goddess: Ascending Beyond Duality.

Radhaa Publishing is an incubator for upcoming spiritual and heart-based literary all-stars. Created to allow soulful writers to have a voice through their literary works. Radhaa Publishing is committed to delivering products and services that empower and educate the individual while helping to heal our planet.

Here is a video interview of Radhaa Publishing on their Youtube Channel:

Aside from being a pioneering leader and creator of the original modality Goddess Activations™, Radhaa is also at the forefront of feminine empowerment and education through her Goddess Code Academy™, a mystical school for the modern woman. Radhaa regularly publishes online programs, conducts international retreats, speaks at online summits and live events, and Goddess Activations™ training. Radhaa is also the host of the fast-rising Galactic Goddess Podcast on Anchor and Apple iTunes.

Radhaa Publishing also announces its first collaborative book series. They have put together an amazing team of book cover designers, professional editors, book formatting experts, and expert marketers to help in producing and promoting this historic book for launch in early spring 2019. Radhaa Publishing invites upcoming and heart-based authors to share their stories of awakening, healing, manifesting, and moving beyond the veil. The book is titled Awakening Starseeds: Stories Beyond the Stargates.

This book is an inspiring collection of stories of awakening by enlightened souls on their journey of ascension and spiritual enlightenment. The readers are taken into the authors’ worlds and in the process are activated into their own souls’ awakening.

This is the exclusive invitation link to be a part of this game-changing book series:

Sharing insights garnered from over many years of working with hundreds of clients around the globe, Radhaa shares her work through courses, live events, and guest-speaking appearances.

To have Radhaa host a workshop, online summit, and be a guest speaker in your area her contact information is below:

Mike Pestano, Chief Technical Director

Email: [email protected]

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