Char Borley Highlighting Herself Online Through Instagram

December 17 22:12 2018
The Influencer Has Nearly 400,000 Followers On Her Site

December 17, 2018 – Char Borley is one of the most intriguing figures on Instagram right now. The model and playmate is also a popular influencer on social media. The British star is an intriguing figure that is making waves throughout the world.

Char Borley is an attractive model based out of the United Kingdom. The natural blonde started working as a bodybuilder and a nutritionist, and her attractive physique shows. She also worked as a television presenter for sports programs before focusing on her work as a model.

The attractive look and style of Char Borley makes her a striking person to follow online. She can be found on Instagram at @char.borley. She has managed to get nearly 400,000 followers in recent time.

Much of what Char does entails modeling some of the hottest fashions on today’s market. She can be found highlighting many outfits from Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, and Top Shop among other entities. Her striking style makes her one of the most intriguing people to follow online.

She also uses her presence online to inspire and motivate others. She has been living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years and yet has never let this issue get in the way of her life. She continues to focus on having a better and more productive life while also being positive about the many things she is doing with her life. She feels that a positive mindset is the most important thing for anyone to have in order to get the most out of life.

Even with her busy work on social media, Char continues to work hard with many online projects. She produces a dating website and operates a YouTube channel dedicated to all things makeup and beauty. Those YouTube videos she has posted over the years have gotten some huge ratings as people continue to learn more about what they can do for their fashions and their lives through what she has to offer.

People who want to see what Char Borley is all about can visit her on Instagram at @char.borley. She is also building a website for promotional use at

Instagram – @char.borley

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