An Open Automation Video Production Engine That Could Be Used By Video Platform

January 15 21:39 2019

An Open Automation Video Production Engine That Could Be Used By Video Platform

Moviebook, creator of the widely used real-time 3D Automated Video Technology platform,, China’s leading Entertainment media Giant, to developing a real-time video content production technology product that Create a virtual environment that allows developers to automate the production of new content at any time in a real-time environment based on machine instructions. In the case of full integration with the original video content, a virtual persona scene or a marketing scene integrated with the brand owner will be produced. Moviebook real-time video content production product Video AI will now be available to developers taking part in video platform: an open and fully automated platform, aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of popular variety shows, TV dramas and film self-automated content production.

The person in charge of the moviebook video industry department said, “In Video AI environment, Video for millions of frames to be automatic computed at the same time, and a brand new video content can be output in 0.1 seconds,  providing partners with a competitive advantage while helping to keep their business costs down.”

Moviebook’s Video AI real-time platform allows entertainment media content manufacturers (Film Studio) to reduce production costs by providing machine learning to automate the production or synthesis of video content from a real-world scene, while increasing the efficiency and speed of filming. Video AI also offers customizable content through a machine learning video store created by developers in an open ecosystem.

In addition to working with video site content production, Moviebook Video AI captures more business opportunities by improve the way their content interacts:the new native video content marketing module is derived from machine-generated content and helps build collaboration with the global ad distribution platform. The native video marketing is based on the automatic recognition of the content of the film and television program to carry the anchor point of the marketing content, automatically implanting the content matched with the brand owner to generate a brand new film and television program with the brand’s main advertising content. Currently, these machines are automatically produced. The video content can be viewed on major online video sites in China.

“By using a platform like Moviebook, our developers can focus on the planning and filming of film and television dramas without having to worry about building standardized images or commercializing later content.” A variety  show production team said, “Based on Moviebook Video AI content production engine automated production can output relatively standard video images in a machine-produced manner, and accelerate the commercialization and training of video content in a safer way, providing advertising revenue in the production process.”

As part of its growing automation efforts, Moviebook recently collaborated to support deep learning in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems, as well as the recently launched Video AI solution template: automatic content production and simulation for film and television production companies and other brands. Solution package.

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