Pet Toenail Trimming and Other Grooming Services Available at Mohican Kennels in Mansfield, OH

January 15 22:08 2019

Local dog and cat owners can enjoy $5 off a walk-in nail trimming appointment at Mohican Kennels. While the kennel is best known for their safe and fun boarding services for pets, the staff is also pleased to provide a variety of beneficial pet grooming services like toenail trimming.

Mohican Kennels is currently offering $5 off toenail trimming for walk-in appointments. Most dog owners are familiar with the click-click sound of toenails tapping the floor. However, not everyone is aware of just how important routine nail trimming is for dogs, as well as cats. Long nails can be uncomfortable for pets and increase the chance that they will hurt themselves while scratching an itch or accidentally scratch a human. The staff at Mohican Kennels hopes to raise awareness about the importance of routine nail trimming with their $5 off discount.

While some pet owners feel comfortably trimming their animal’s nails at home, it’s recommended to see a professional. Why? First of all, not all pets cooperate well during trimming, putting both animal and human at risk for injury. Professionals like those at Mohican Kennels know how to safely handle even the most uncooperative dogs and cats. Second, dog and cat nails are different from their human equivalent and it can be very painful for them if too much is trimmed off. Pros know exactly how much trimming is safe.

In addition to toenail trimming, Mohican Kennels offers several other grooming services for cats and dogs, including bathing, hair trimming, and skunk smell removal. These services are available both during boarding and on a separate basis.

Pet owners can learn more about Mohican Kennels, their $5 off discount, and their services by calling (419) 718-0931. Information about their pet grooming and boarding services is also available on their website. The kennel serves pet owners throughout Mansfield, Lexington, Ontario, Bellville, Shelby, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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