The Cover of the World, the Face of Xiaochi-Xiaochi Was Displayed at Times Square, New York, USA, Attracting Worldwide Attention!

January 15 22:09 2019

Relying on the golden waterway of the Yangtze river, Xiaochi town of Hubei province is the central link of the economic development of Hubei province, Jiangxi province and Anhui province, known as the “gateway to the east of Hubei province” and the “golden triangle” of commerce, trade and tourism. It is seamlessly connected with Jiujiang for 5 minutes. They are flourishing on both sides of the river and sharing the resources of Jiujiang city.

The Binjiang New Area of Xiaochi has developed rapidly, the pace of urbanization has become faster and faster, and the living standards of the people of Xiaochi have also improved.Jiujiang Xinhua Construction Group, a benchmark enterprise representing Xiaochi’s economic development, was also on the “worldwide screen” this time. Jiujiang Xinhua Construction Group entered Xiaochi through the government’s investment attraction, actively cooperated with the government to speed up the economic construction of Xiaochi Binjiang New Area, and successfully built the quality benchmark of Xiaochi – Xinhua Binjiang Huafu Project.

In 2019, Xinhua will devote 27 years of refined concepts to build another quality project Xinhua • Binjiang Huating for Xiaochi, which covers the life circle of growth and education and has 10 layers of intelligent home security system, on the golden axis of the city, beside Taizi Lake in Xiaochi and Hubei Institute of Technology.

Xinhua • Binjiang Huating is located at the intersection of Hubei Avenue and Qingjiang Avenue, gathers the surrounding golden life circle for ten minutes, enjoys the one-stop convenient life of clothes, food, housing, transportation and education, can reach anywhere in the city quickly;it is an all-around community with a modern atrium water system landscape, a 800-meter luminous runway, a sunny lawn, a full-age children’s recreation center, and an elderly leisure center, equipped withboutique matching facilities; the 100-meterbuilding distance and panoramic and transparent household design allow you to enjoy the view of the lake; the quality of life and the dream of home are perfectly integrated; ten layers of intelligent security home system, create the ideal safe residence in Binjiang New Area, refresh the new benchmark of Xiaochi residence, and achieve the No. 1 Binjiang Cover! Xinhua•Binjiang Huating Marketing Center will open on January 26th, let us wait and see!

The development and transformation of Xiaochi have been verified on the landmark building New York Times Square in the United States, indicating the influence brought by the rapid development of Xiaochi. The image of Xiaochi has become international and the development of Xiaochi is the pride of Xiaochi and even Hubei Province! The development of Xiaochi will be accelerated day by day, and its future potential is unpredictable!

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