Trident Arts CEO Koji Machi Visions To Modernize The Arts Industry With RIGHTS

January 15 22:39 2019

We have seen several implementations of the blockchain technology in recent years helping important industries modernize their working and improve profits.

The arts industry is among the top industries out there and even though it generates billions of dollars in revenue each year, that majorly comes from well-established creators.

Koji Machi is a Japanese blockchain expert and CEO of Trident Arts, a company that finds and resolve challenges that businesses face while implementing blockchain technology.

Koji is someone who is very much interested in exploring the various use cases of blockchain technology, and his latest venture “RIGHTS” implements blockchain to create a community where artists can explore themselves and grow.


RIGHTS is a platform that aims at providing a modern platform where artists and fans can interact and discover exciting work.

Koji Machi and his team have put all their efforts in developing RIGHTS to make sure that all the aspects of the platform such as it’s backend, interface, and features are entirely user-friendly and secure.

RIGHTS Backend

The blockchain technology and several of its features form the backend of the RIGHTS platform.

Smart Contracts ensure that both parties involved in the agreement fulfill the terms and conditions of a contract.

A public ledger is maintained featuring all the transactions that are done within the platform to ensure transparency and security.

RIGHTS Frontend

The user interface of RIGHTS platform is formed using several leading and modern web technologies such as IONIC, Redux, and more.

The combination of these technologies offer a modern-looking interface and ensure that the platform functions work swiftly and smoothly across any device that the user might prefer.

RIGHTS Features

Several features are implemented to improve the user engagement and security within the RIGHTS platform.

Digital watermarks are added onto all the artwork that is made available within RIGHTS to remove issues concerning piracy.

RIS (RIGHTS Infinity Sphere) tokens is a cryptocurrency that is available within RIGHTS. RIS tokens allow fans to buy digital goods easily and artists can accept payments from any part of the world without facing any hassles.

The “CHAT ON AIR” feature allows artists and fans to interact in real-time. It also creates an atmosphere for unique collaborations and special events which will encourage RIGHTS users to be more active.

Artists can issue digital points to fans depending on their loyalty. These points can be used to get privileged access to events organized by the artist and also purchase digital goods within the platform.

Final Words

In this digital age where there are online communities and platforms of different kinds, there lacks a dedicated place for artists.

With RIGHTS, the team behind the project aims at creating a platform where artists and fans and interact and support each other.

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