German LIECTROUX Intelligent Warehousing Robots Create A Smart Unmanned Warehouse

January 15 22:54 2019

With the development of the retail industry, especially the electric commerce, the corresponding logistics service capacity and efficiency have become an urgent problem. As the “seven inches” of logistics, the operational efficiency of warehousing directly affects the consumers’ buying experience. According to statistics, the global e-commerce order volume is increasing by about 30% every year, while the labor force in the warehouse logistics field is declining by about 20% every year. These two figures reflect a huge gap between supply and demand imbalance and  this gap needs intelligent warehousing robot to fill.

In response to this huge demand of the warehousing industry, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has developed an intelligent warehousing robot to create a smart unmanned warehouse and it has become a “star” in the field of smart logistics.

German LIECTROUX Intelligent Warehousing Robots    Create A Smart Unmanned Warehouse

German LIECTROUX intelligent warehousing robot adopts a human-like design with a smart chip in its brain. This smart chip provides it with human perception and it also gives it the ability to position and navigate. It can precisely locate the position of each shelf and the placement of the goods.

When the goods enter the warehouse, the intelligent warehousing robot will immediately sense and then accurately locate the corresponding shelves. Then it will quickly move the goods to the appropriate shelves and then place the goods on the shelves. Its arms are robotic arms with a variety of sensors, making it easy to move, retract, rotate, etc., and work flexibly and efficiently. In addition, the built-in sensors of the robotic arms also play an important role. For example, the position sensor built in the robotic arm is able to detect how far the object is from the machine and whether the object reaches the correct position or not. And it will send the detection signal to the brain of the robot when the object is detected and then control the robotic arm to operate. Another example, its built-in visual sensor can detect some visual feature information of the object through non-contact means like using infrared rays and then send feedback to the robot, thereby ensuring the accuracy of its work.

When the goods need to be delivered, the intelligent warehousing robot can sort the goods in time and sort out the goods that need to be delivered and then arrange the delivery. After delivery, it will count and tally the remaining goods in the warehouse. All the goods data in the warehouse are connected with the network in its brain. The brain’s smart chip will update these statistics in real time according to the actual situation. Its work efficiency is 10 times compared with humans.

This intelligent warehousing robot also possesses many other advantages such as its ability to work 24 hours a day without break and always maintains high productivity and 100% work accuracy. And when there is only 20% power left, it will automatically charge quickly and then continue working.

German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been at the forefront of the research field of intelligent robots. The intelligent warehousing robot developed by it has won unanimous praise at many well-known exhibitions and has reached a long-term cooperation agreement with mainstream e-commerce platforms in more than 30 countries around the world. It opens a new era of intelligent warehousing and even greatly promotes the development of global e-commerce.

In addition to this intelligent warehousing robot, German LIECTROUX  intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is also the “masterpiece” of German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute, which brings convenience to thousands of families. (You can view the website: or German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner adopts the most advanced laser navigation technology to calibrates the position of the machine through multi-point ranging and scans the machine’s movement path in space once by 360-degree continuous scanning every second. By doing so, it is able to achieve scientific and efficient cleaning. Moreover, its bottom is possesses with a unique sweeping and swapping structure, which can flexibly switch according to the surrounding environment.

For example, when it encounters hair, it will use vacuum suction. When it encounters large particles of dust, it will clean with floating roller brush. In addition, its ability of getting rid of the winding is great. When it encounters the winding of wires or other debris, it can escape the winding in a short time by intelligently adjusting the speed of the side brushes. German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner has been widely loved and snapped up by consumers due to its excellent performance.

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