Music Promotion Company 3000 Records Takes The Stage In 2019

January 19 10:12 2019

For musicians, getting exposure is an important part of any music career. With music fans browsing online for new music, having a strong presence online can make all the difference with reaching people. However, this also requires that musicians spend much time, perhaps too much time online. This also often requires money in some cases when it comes to advertising online. In addition, this can be draining, which is definitely not good for musicians who need to keep their creating energy flowing.

As with any person or business that is self reliant, getting outside help can take the edge off of some of these pressures. Sometimes, hiring additional help is wise for not only immediate needs, but for the long term goals too. Whether a musician decides to get help with social media promotion, music video promotion online, or radio promotion, there are companies out there who can provide these services.

However, many companies providing promotional services for musicians have not been around long, do not offer guarantees, and some only allow you to contact them through a form on their web site. This can be seen by a simple Google search for keyword “music promotion”, and clicking on the companies that come up. It’s also unfortunate that many companies don’t even have the actual name of a real person who can be contacted, yet alone the owner of the company.

3000 Records owned by Terrance D. Schemansky has been helping musicians succeed since 1996. With 24/7 customer service via email and phone number, staff is available to connect with musicians and bands one on one. In addition, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each of their music promotion services. For word for word testimonials check out 3000 Records Reviews.

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Company Name: 3000 Records
Contact Person: Terrance Schemansky
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Phone: (888) 463-4336
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City: Fenton
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