Sober Living Facility in Toronto Helps People Suffering from Addiction Problems

January 19 10:26 2019

Addiction has continued to be a big problem for many Canadians across the country. Whether it’s an addiction to narcotics or painkillers, a person’s life is altered indefinitely by addiction until they can find a way to successfully treat and overcome it.

In Etobicoke of North Toronto, there is a sober living facility called “New Beginnings” which is devoted to helping people deal with their addiction problems. Rather than confining residents to beds and pumping them full of medications, New Beginnings takes a more natural approach to their treatment method. Residents have a peaceful and relaxing environment away from all their worries and troubles. Most importantly, there are no drugs or other addictive substances allowed on the property.

In addition, residents are encouraged to have a physically active lifestyle by being offered a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to participate in together. These activities include basketball, weightlifting, running, pool, air hockey, ping pong, and more. In their living areas, residents are accommodated with luxuries like Wi-Fi internet access and cable television. No one is ever bored at this facility with so many entertainment options available to them. The last thing they’ll want to think about is substance abuse because they’ll be too distracted with things to do.

“Sober living can be difficult in the beginning, so we try to make our facility as comfortable as possible for our residents to live in,” said the spokesperson of New Beginnings. “Meanwhile, they get to socialize and meet new people who have similar addiction problems as them. This is an ideal way for residents to stop feeling alone and come to terms with their addictions once and for all by meeting other people who are just like them.”

New Beginnings has a 5,000 square foot facility which features private suites, semi-private suits, lounging areas, entertainment areas, courtyards, fitness rooms, and an outdoor bonfire pit. There are very few strict requirements at New Beginnings because residents are encouraged to feel free and unconfined. As long as they are not bringing drugs or negatively influencing other residents in some way, then they are welcome to do as they please.

“People suffering from addiction should not be treated like criminals or thrown into halfway houses with violent offenders,” the spokesperson said. “New Beginnings is a more humane alternative to a halfway house because there are fewer restrictions and people watching you. This is a less traumatic way of helping residents during a very hard recovery process.”

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