New Smartphone App can save Lives and Money in Developing Nations

January 19 11:22 2019

Clinical referrals are a critical component of quality patient care. iReferNow™ is a mobile phone app designed to ensure successful transition of patients from one clinician to another and to enable clinicians to work together with the right information to provide the most appropriate care to individual patients at the right time.

In many countries, internet access can be scarce, but smartphones are readily available. Oxford Epidemiology Services LLC has developed an app, iReferNow™, that allows clinicians to refer patients to other health care providers. The referral can include files, images, even video so that the receiving clinician has all the information they need to care for the patient. The referring clinician is notified when the patient arrives and if they need to follow up with more care after the patient has been to the health care provider they were referred to. More information is available at

iReferNow™ is a simple, powerful modern solution to many of the problems that arise when a patient requires care from more than one clinician. With iReferNow™, healthcare providers can:

  • Keep track of their patients along the continuum of care.
  • Receive and send alerts and notifications to other clinicians.
  • View examination and lab results.
  • Ensure patients get quicker, more accurate treatment and improve the quality care the patient receives
  • Make use of convenient, real-time tracking and status updates.
  • Get feedback and can network immediately with service providers.
  • Get mentored or provide mentoring of less experienced clinicians.

All of these features make iReferNow an excellent tool for ensuring quality medical services reach remote areas. The app is available in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Hindi, Dari, Haitian Creole, among others, making it ready for use in a number of countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and other places with fragile health systems. This makes it perfect for NGOs and charities trying to bring modern medicine to different parts of the world. Additional languages are being added regularly, thus ensuring that the app is usable in the language that health providers work. 

Effective referrals that link patients to the right care at the right time could save millions of lives every year. iReferNow™ provides an easy way for clinicians to track the lifecycle of patient care right from their smartphone. Linking clinicians in ways that they have not been able to before, iReferNow™ provides a continuity of care that can save lives, reduce recovery time, increase patient comfort and satisfaction, reduce cost, and improve the quality of life.

Modern communications are lacking in many health systems, and this makes it hard for them to take advantage of the many tools that exist to help clinicians provide better care. iReferNow™ removes this communication barrier. Since it is available on smartphones, clinicians in areas where mobile phone technology is readily available can access this powerful tool even if the internet is unstable.

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Oxford Epidemiology LLC (Oxford Epi) is a woman and minority-owned small business in international development that focuses on using data and technology to improve the human condition in developing countries. They specialize in creating dynamic learning systems that maximize existing structures using cutting edge technologies and processes. Whether through robust technical assistance, or scientifically rigorous research and/or program evaluations, Oxford Epi transforms field data into actionable insights to quickly give powerful evidence for the need to change or stay on course.

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