Active Restore and the Digestive Center Outshine Competition By Creating an Online Community and Utilizing Effective, User-Friendly Resources

January 19 12:44 2019
The Digestive Center, known for their commitment to improving overall digestive and immune health, as well as using cutting-edge scientific research to create quality gut health products such as Active Restore, take improving people’s quality of life quite seriously. Unlike some of their competitors, The Digestive Center believes that in order to experience full gut health benefits Active Restore has to offer, customers need valuable, up-to-date resources at their fingertips.
18 January, 2019 – Each December, millions of people quietly reflect on their lives and set resolutions for the upcoming year. Statistics show that most of these resolutions tend to focus on health and nutrition (losing weight or eating cleaner), job-related matters (earning a raise or getting a promotion), and personal/emotional health (rekindling a friendship or finding proactive ways to fight anxiety). Similarly to the masses, The Digestive Center and Active Restore set their sights on driving quality education and providing beneficial resources to customers in order to optimize overall digestive health in 2019. 
The Digestive Center, known amongst the health and wellness industry for their commitment to improving digestive and immune health, as well as the creation of Active Restore in collaboration with Dr. Roberto Contreras, a scientifically formulated, comprehensive solution designed to support gut health and provide relief from disorders such as Leaky Gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, resolved to redefine quality in the new year. With the help of several dedicated nutritionists and health gurus in the field, The Digestive Center and Active Restore have found yet another way to cultivate community through both their official website and social media sites by providing consumers with informative videos and articles, delicious gut health recipes, expert tips, and user discussion forums. 
“Active Restore has improved the quality of life for so many individuals,” states creator Dr. Roberto Contreras in a recent interview. “Whether people suffer from conditions such as Leaky Gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or just have persistent digestive issues like bloating, abdominal discomfort, and a feeling of fullness shortly after eating, Active Restore with its probiotic-rich formula can provide the kind of relief people have desperately been looking for.” Contreras believes that while quality supplements like Active Restore are important for digestive improvement, understanding how the foods we put in our bodies affect our overall feeling of health is equally necessary. “I get it. I splurge here and there too, but I’m also a firm believer in understanding how the foods we put in our bodies create the digestive symptoms we feel over time. Creating a more interactive approach to our website and social media sites has been an effective way to share this knowledge. Plus, the recipes on there are delicious. I’ve tried quite a few of them.” 
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