UpTrack Has Launched: An Innovative Software That Allows Marketers To Track Every Single Aspect Of Their Campaigns

March 07 18:56 2017
If you are looking for a way to improve your campaigns to stop losing money and massively enhance your ROI, UpTrack software is the perfect product for you.

Most failing marketers are losing lots of money because they have no idea what is going wrong with their advertising funnels. Most of them put their trust solely into FB tracking and conversion statistics, trust Google Analytics or use overly sophisticated tracking systems that they set up incorrectly.

Understanding the situation, the guys from Uptrack’ team have introduced a brand new product called UpTrack which helps marketers find out exactly what is the core problem of their failure.

UpTrack is the latest generation of SaaS link cloaking and tracking that will help marketers track and optimize every section of their funnel/follow-up series and total marketing effort.

The software shows marketers how to find the exact route cause of a failing ad campaign and make the right changes to flip it into a successful campaign that will generate income like clockwork.

Lets us now take a look at some outstanding features of UpTrack soft:

Easy to use: Users can set up tracking campaigns in just a few clicks.

Track everything: The software tracks every single aspect of their campaigns such as traffic source, cost, profits, conversions and so on.

Track single pages: UpTrack lets its users build a single product tracking campaign to see exactly who is buying their products.

Track complete funnels: Marketers are enabled to use this exclusive funnel tracking feature to track a complete sales funnel with ease.

Link cloaking: All links are entirely cloaked for maximum deliverability.

Point and click interfaces: This intuitive point and click interface feature will make marketer’s work look much more entertaining.

Unlimited websites: There areno limitations with Uptrack, users can add and track as many websites as they want.

Unlimited funnel steps: Unlike other platforms, the software lets users go as far as they want with their sales funnels.

Unlimited sales funnels: Marketer will have the ability to create as many funnel campaigns as they want and track each and every one of them with zero limitations.

Works on any link: The platform gives marketers the power to track Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter, WordPress, affiliate networks, emails, mobile ads and more.

Detailed analytics: Users can also pull detailed tracking and conversion analytics in an ‘at a glance’ format.

Advanced A/B testing: Marketers are allowed to split test their links by using this advanced experiments feature and improve their results even more.

The producer of UpTrack has created a super easy-to-use app for all users, and it only takes a few steps for the software to operate. The first step begins with adding a site name and starting a new campaign. Users can choose a type of campaign they want to create between Single Product and Sales Funel. Then they need to set the landing page, campaign name, traffic source, ad content and campaign type for their campaign. After that, all they have to do is do the setting and let the system start to work.

Chris Jenkins, a happy beta user of this product, shared his experience: “Amazed! So Simple but yet so powerful… I took Uptrack for a test run and I can say this tool is straight forward I did not have to watch any tutorials or anything and in minutes was using it to do a split test! Yes that fast if you can copy and paste then you can use this tool. Now I can track my Social Media campaigns and my emails campaigns with EASE! I highly recommend you check out this tool today!!”

For more details, you could see UpTrack software review in detail.

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