Independent News Site, Red Tea News, Releases New Guide on Retirement Protection

October 30 10:42 2017
Expert predicts dramatic change and danger in the next 29 days. Red Tea News, announced they have officially released a comprehensive and informational guide on retirement protection for interested readers. This is information you MUST have – that brokers don’t want you to know.

Red Tea News, an independent, California-based online news publication that is for the “right minded American,” this week announced they have officially released a comprehensive and informational guide on retirement protection for interested readers. Titled 16 Ways to Protect Your Retirement From The Next Big Financial Crisis, the comprehensive digital guide, 33-pages in total, is designed to cover every pressing retirement question for Americans staring down upcoming retirement.

Written to help all individuals and couples concerned about their retirement if another crash tears through the economy, 16 Ways to Protect Your Retirement draws the reader through a step-by-step guide that educates and supports readers in the protection and preservation of their assets.

“Although no one wants to think about, decades of economic data prove another meltdown can’t be too far on the horizon,” said CEO of Red Tea News Author of 16 Ways to Protect Your Retirement. “Basic analysis shows a clear boom and bust cycle in the U.S. economy, with a major crisis or market correction happening every 5 to 7 years. The worst part of this fluctuation is that retirement accounts like IRA and 401(k)s are hit the hardest when this happens.”

Chapters within the new guide include: build a buffer fund, learn about FDIC insured accounts, allocate a portion of your retirement in a money market account, know when to take your gains off the table, consider real estate, investigate precious metals, avoid reactive investing, prioritize portfolio structure over individual asset selection, understand brokerage order types, using crisis to your advantage, and the list goes on.

Starting out with the buffer fund point, 16 Ways to Protect Your Retirement begins by looking at what a buffer fund is, how to build and protect one, and why one is crucial for times of economic uncertainty. The guide then segues into FDIC insured accounts and how they can be beneficial when retirement finances are shaky.

“There isn’t a stone left unturned in this comprehensive retirement planning guide,” said CEO of Red Tea News . “There’s a lot to know when it comes to responsible retirement planning, and most of us never received the preparation or education throughout our lifetimes to be properly prepared. Thankfully, this guide has 16 different recommendations for diversifying and protecting assets when it counts the most.”

The new guide is available for download off the main Red Tea News platform.

Red Tea News prides itself on providing vetted, independent news for the right-minded American. Focusing mainly on the topics of money, health, survival, and America Now, the platform covers practical news angles that benefit every reader. In an effort to keep developing new, valuable resources for readers, Red Tea News will release additional guides as the year goes on.

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