Yakamel Debuts Unique Mongolian Yak Wool Socks for Play and Work

October 30 13:45 2017

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – Oct. 30, 2017 – Yakamel founder, Tulga Enkhbaatar, announced the launch of the company’s yak wool socks for adventurers who want to spend their time enjoying the great outdoors without worrying about keeping their feet warm in adverse weather conditions.

“These are the warmest socks from one of the coldest countries,” said Tulga.

Made from the wool of Mongolian yaks and highly durable, each pair of Yakamel socks is created with a sole that’s slightly thicker for additional warmth and cushioning. The socks are 90 percent yak wool, with 6 percent spandex and 4 percent viscose to ensure a snug and secure fit.

Yakamel sets aside 15 cents from the sale of each pair of socks for charitable organizations and each Yakamel purchase includes a free downloadable eBook with tips on increasing the longevity of any wool socks.

Available in men’s sizes from 5.5-16 and women’s size 6.4-12, the new Yakamel socks are beneficial for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities of all types in cold climates. The socks are offered in dark brown, and are emblazoned with the stylish company logo.

They’re equally appropriate for recreational pursuits that includes hunting and camping to skiing and snowboarding. The socks offer homeowners warmth while they perform tasks ranging from snow blowing to shoveling snow.

Working in severely cold climates can be especially dangerous for those who must repair electric lines, water conduits and workmen charged with removing snow and ice from roofs. The yak wool socks from Yakamel let’s individuals work in warmth and comfort, allowing them to better concentrate on their tasks.

The socks are particularly beneficial for the elderly and those with health conditions in which they feel the cold more acutely. The socks are advantageous for cancer patients undergoing various therapies who often experience cold in the extremities.

Yak wool has the unique ability to maintain warmth in cool conditions and keep skin cool in warm climates. In multiple studies, yak wool has out-performed sheep wool. It’s warmer than camel wool and the resulting fabric is highly prized in the garment industry for its luxurious texture.

The unisex yak wool socks introduced by Yakamel provide individuals around the world with a new solution for keeping their feet warm and toasty in any winter environment. They’re a reliable and cost effective option for any work or recreational pursuit, and a portion of each purchase goes to support charitable organizations. Yakamel also offers amazing warm camel wool socks.

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