Spam Calls Are Back And More Sophisticated Than Ever, Says CyberByte

January 02 13:15 2018

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – January 2nd, 2018 – The holiday season comes with many surprises – with regards to receiving spam messages, says CyberByte, the leading, Romania-based antivirus and security service provider firm.

What was once a nuisance that was restricted in cold calling, spamming has now evolved to include misleading online advertising. “In the past, cybercriminals used fake support calls to target their victims. They would pose as representatives from big software firms, and ask for an average of $300 in order to fix supposed troubleshooting issues in users’ computers,” said Mr. Popescu Calin, CyberByte CEO.

“However, owing to increased awareness, cold calling has given its way to dubious advertising. Nowadays, spam messages are more inconspicuous, and more harmful than ever. Instead of targeting their potential victims themselves, scammers have now developed a system where anyone is a few mouse clicks away from victimizing themselves.”

Such dubious adverts appear even on major news outlet websites, Mr. Calin said. Anyone clicking on them is bombarded with a series of popup windows, pointing to a lead page, maintained by the scammers, or showcasing what is usually a toll-free number, which users can call to supposedly receive a prize, or some sort of free service.

“Upon calling one of these numbers, for research purposes, we were not surprised to find out that it was, indeed, set up with criminal intent. Most of the information provided by the scammers did not add up: the phone area codes corresponded to a completely different country than that advertised, while those at the end of the line were clearly not native English speakers.”

“We think it’s important that consumers remain vigilant, and exercise caution, when coming across such messages. Our advice is they followed these three simple steps: stop, analyze, and, ultimately, close the spam window – and, of course, never, under any circumstances, share their personal or payment information with scammers.”

Concluding his statements, Mr. Calin said “Installing AdBlock, or advanced antivirus software, like CyberByte Antivirus, is the most effective way to do away with such messages, once and for all.”

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