Forex Brokers List and Reviews 2017 From LeapRate Now Available

January 08 15:26 2018

Los Angeles, CA – LeapRate is an independent research and advisory firm, specializing in reporting on the world of forex trading. Followed by investors and traders alike, they have a widespread reach via social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and faithfully update followers through their newsletter or website. Now with their much-anticipated forex brokers list for 2017, investors can find the top-rated brokers and for foreign exchanges.

Recognized as FX, foreign exchange, or currency trading, forex is a dispersed international market where all the world’s currencies meet and trade. The forex market is the most prodigious and fluid global market. The average daily trading volume in the forex market exceeds $5 trillion. To show just how widespread this is, a trip overseas requires a forex transaction. A trip between France and the United states, for example, converts dollars into euros. Based on supply and demand and always dynamic, the forex exchange rate between the two currencies determines how many euros are equal to the input dollar amount. This kind of exchange doesn’t have to be as big as an international trip. With today’s technology, innumerable online transactions mandate a forex transaction.

The best forex brokers understand the changing regulatory environment, are well capitalized, and offer consumers access to a plethora of trading products. By LeapRate’s approximation there are thousands of forex brokers traversing the globe. Only a smattering of these are overseen and licensed by an accepted national regulator. Such regulators are the ASIC in Australia, the FCA in the UK, or CySEC in Cyprus.

Instead of scouring the internet for legitimate forex brokers reviews, investors can look to LeapRate for the most reliable information. LeapRate has compiled the best of these from 2017 all in one place, This list admits prevalent brokers, and only those who are licensed and recognized by a legal regulatory body. In addition, LeapRate is the place to go for reliable updates on forex news.

Other services provided are items such as Forex Industry News for daily analyses of the sector, the Forex Yellow Pages for a unique online resource for anything and everything forex related, and Complain About Your Broker. This last one is a mitigated forum for trader’s grievances and broker’s responses, allowing investors to make the most informed decisions regarding whom they decide to do business with and avoid costly mismanagement.

For all things Forex, LeapRate is the place to look, whether it be for beginner’s questions or an expert’s next move. Their 2017 list for forex brokers is a reliable resource for investors.

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