Fresh Start Solutions Breaks Bankruptcy Australia Myths, Offers Special Package

January 11 19:34 2018

Melbourne, Australia – January 11th, 2018 – Filing for bankruptcy isn’t as bad as it may appear at first thought. Experience shows that it may be the last but best way to get rid of debt. There are several myths associated with bankruptcy, such as the impending loss of house, job or all of one’s assets. Fresh Start Solutions, the bankruptcy experts based in Australia, are now offering expert bankruptcy advice to dispel these myths, and a special bankruptcy package with no obligations, complete money back guarantee, a professional, seven-day service with a free, first consultation.

“One of the challenges for anyone considering bankruptcy is getting the right information. There is plenty of misinformation circulating online and in the neighbourhood about bankruptcy, but facts seem harder to come by,” says Charles Bosse of Fresh Start Solutions.

The situation where one has to declare bankruptcy is indeed avoidable, and unfortunately bankruptcy help comes with stories that aren’t complete or factually validated. There is more to the story than what is initially told, and Fresh Start Solutions is now offering bankruptcy Australia advice to inform clients and let them make the best decisions.

Firstly, bankruptcy need not always last three years, though it may sometimes be the case. It is also quite easy for bankruptcy to be extended by five to eight years, for reasons ranging from not filing in the required paperwork, non-compliance and sheer wrong advice, according to Fresh Start Solutions. Another fear borne of incorrect information is that of losing all of the assets. Fact is, not everything, such as household furniture need to be sold, and the house is in danger only if there is great equity involved, or the car is highly valued. At the end of three years, the house can be re-valued, and any capital gains paid to the trustee to reclaim the house.

Bankrupt businesses also worry about losing their business, but it doesn’t happen automatically. What matters is the value of the assets, and the actual business can continue to operate as usual. A company director may lose designation, but can still pursue the business as a sole proprietor. Similarly, job loss doesn’t actually happen unless the bankruptcy is due to fraud or illegal acts. If things still go wrong, there is always the option of taking a loan after three years to buy a house or car by talking to interested lenders. Moreover, after five years, the credit file is completely clean.

“At Bankruptcy Experts we pride ourselves on our straight forward, honest approach. If you are thinking you have no other choice other than to go bankrupt or to place your company into liquidation we can help you work through your options. We act as your agent to help you achieve the best possible outcome,” says Charles.

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