Hobanco Offers Range of Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holders for Space Saving Storage

February 02 18:36 2018

Hobanco was established in 2000 to improve the knife buying experience with quality knives at the best prices.
Renowned knife seller Hobanco has offered a range of magnetic knife holders for kitchens to make storing knives easier and more space-conscious.

Space is always a concern when it comes to home kitchens. It seems that no matter how spacious your setup is, there is always too little space. Magnetic knife holders are one strategy people are turning to to save space while storing their kitchen knives. These strips can hang up anywhere in the kitchen, even on the refrigerator. This eliminates the space that a bulky knife block would take up and ensures that knives aren’t stored in drawers, where they can get damaged, as well as use up a lot of space.

Magnetic knife holders also have a great look. Stainless steel knife holders are sleek and modern, while wooden ones have a more classic look but still retain all the functionality of a magnetic knife holder.

With all this in mind, some people are crafting their own magnetic knife holders. They can make for a simple and fun DIY project, if one has the appropriate tools for the job. However, there are ample options for people who just want to buy their magnetic knife holder, including from Hobanco.

One concern people have when getting a magnetic knife holder is safety. This relates both to the safety of the knives on the holder and the safety of the people near the knives. Magnetic knife holders are convenient but that also means the knives are very easy to reach. This can be a problem for people living with young children, who can easily pull down knives and hurt themselves. This is especially problematic for people who choose refrigerator knife holders, where the knife holder sits on an easily reachable refrigerator door.

People also worry about the safety of their knives. Magnets that are too strong can put constant stress on the knife blades, weakening them over time. Knives can get chipped and damaged being placed on or taken off of magnetic knife holders, if the knife holder is not a good quality or the magnetic is too strong.

With all of these considerations in mind, Hobanco offered a range of magnetic knife holders that offer convenience and storage space without the downsides of knife damage and poor construction. Contact Hobanco’s press relations office for more information.

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