Kid Power Academy is delivering leadership skills in a tech-heavy world

March 13 11:20 2019
Kid Power Academy at Los Gatos, CA is using revolutionary new ways to bring about positive results to conquer shyness through play-based learning.

Today you just have to look around to see children with their eyes glued to their phones or iPads. Schools too are changing to smart devices for many subjects. This adds up to a growing neglect of social skill development among growing children. Kid Power Academy is where children are offered the opportunity to develop their emotional intelligence, learn face-to-face social skills and bring out their leadership qualities. Their method is based on creating a fun novel leadership platform that includes positive peer interaction, exciting interactive games and a ton of applause.

“Many kids become afraid to speak out, or simply withdraw into themselves or into video games when they lack confidence that their ideas matter. Our positive, fun-filled and receptive environment at Kid Power Academy is vastly different. The effectiveness of the program can be seen in each child as they grow more confident and expressive and excited to share with others.”  

The Academy employs brain-based techniques in an innovative way to calm anxieties associated with being up in front of a group. The play based format gives children an opportunity to express themselves in a space where the audience is receptive to them. Overcoming shyness thus becomes the first step to academic and social success.

With a different approach, and a new format, a better platform has been established to bring their voices out. Understanding the challenges shy kids experience the Director Ester Du Von decided to create a program that caters to building confidence.

“Here they learn to invent and tell others about their creations, turn into senators and address an audience eager to hear them, or write like imaginative expressive authors. We focus on the 3 Tiers of Communication Leadership, Debating, and Writing. Teaching children to become skilled and vibrate communicators. They get to be who they want to be and their leadership skills skyrocket! Once kids get a chance to try out their voices and leadership ideas while playing in different leadership roles they are hooked on the fun and results follow!

“The kids love it and grow very quickly in confidence and soft skills.

They build confidence in their ideas and in themselves during our “learn as you lead” program. says Ester Du Von of Kid Power Academy.

Want to see your shy child break out of their shell and act as an entrepreneur, a TV show host or a teacher?! That’s what Kid Power Academy does to transform shy kids into their true selves during their a 10-week Leadership Series, or Mastery camp.

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