Global payments system in the UK creates a global payment channel

December 12 18:03 2019

Global payments is a global payment system pioneered by the British Huijin securities finance group. The founder: Lawrence Lawrence. The company is located in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom is also known as the birthplace of finance. About Lawrence, we learned that he was also the vice chairman of the British Financial Association. For the application and value investment of blockchain technology, it is very authoritative in the entire British financial community, and then resigned as the vice chairman, and created a blockchain research and development center, with multiple blockchain media And business tycoons.

His life is full of legends, but also the wealth of Lawrence’s life. His team is also very strong, from technology Otis Otis, market value management and his CEO are very valuable throughout the British financial community Famous celebrities, it is said that the entire team has mastered about 110,000 BTC. And after months and days of fighting for the first time, the world’s first global payments technology was abbreviated: GLPT


“GLPT” Utilizing the new generation of technology to make use of the Internet and electronic wallets to conduct high-frequency and low-cost financial transactions such as payments, remittances, consumption, entertainment, payroll, asset management and other on-demand services. GLPT completes real-time face-to-face scanning Sweep payment, value exchange and payment services, and support cross-border payment systems.This technology aims to promote financial inclusion by breaking the existing organizational barriers, and will explode the global market in the future, providing services to everyone. GLPT is A digital payment solution that can cover all areas involved in personal finance, real-time seamless exchange and transaction payment, will soon realize a one-size exchange for all payment methods including Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, Visa, etc.! Really opened up global payment Great career!

GLPT breaks payment silos, completes real-time peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services, and supports cross-border payment systems.This technology aims to break financial barriers to existing organizations and promote financial inclusion, and will detonate the global market in the future. dapp payment sweeps the network and provides services to everyone. (English full name is “Global Payment System” and Chinese name is “Global Payment System”). The pain points of high transaction fees and difficult payment.The purpose of GLPT is to develop various ecological constructions by issuing digital currencies, and use its own advantages and contacts to support project parties, regardless of model, long-term strategic layout, technology, etc. Fang has deep-level cooperation to achieve complementary advantages and common development.          

We will follow further on glpt!

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